Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Factory Floors I'd Sleep On

After that last post i thought we might relax a little bit and look at some neat renovation projects.  This one, in downtown San Francisco, used to be the Smitty Knitting Factory.  Remodeled originally in 1998 by Abrams and Milliken, it is once again on the market.  In fact, all of these projects are currently for sale.  I've presented them with the barest minimum of commentary, so you can make up your own mind what you think of them.

75 Lansing St. Unit 3
San Francisco, CA

Vital Stats:
3 Bed
2.5 Bath
~3,100 sq. ft.

All images credit: Realtor.com

208 212 New St.
Philadelphia, PA

This building was once the annex to an 1850s brewery (which is itself now condominiums), and was renovated in 2001.  The price per square foot is barely a quarter that of the previous home.

Vital Stats:
? Bed
1 Bath (2 half)
5825 sq. ft.

333 W. Willis St. Unit 405
Detroit, MI

I had a hard time finding any information on if this was actually a Willys-Overland motors station.  What i do know is that Willys (that's will-is, not will-ees) opened in 1908, and this building was constructed in 1900, so it must have been something else for a decade or two before being the service station.  In any case, it's a condominium now.

Vital Stats:
2 Bed
2 Bath
1,400 sq. ft.

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  1. Real estate porn - I love it! Forget the McMansion in the suburbs, this is my aspirational lifestyle.