Tuesday, May 8, 2012

   Hello readers!  Since i began writing this blog i have amassed what i think is a respectable number of views -- 6000 at the time of this post.  However, it is time to put the blog into retirement.  While it is entirely possible that i will return in the future, i feel that it is important that i first find a way back into the architecture community.  To that end, i am concentrating my efforts on seeking employment and further education (i am currently completing my M.Arch at LTU and have become a LEED Green Associate).

   If you're finding this blog for the first time, may i recommend visiting these articles?
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   Should you be interested in my architectural services, please contact me at fstoparch@gmail.com

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  1. Well, I finally set up a feed reader to keep up to date on all the blogs I'm following, only to discover this post, which slipped under my radar (hence the need for a reader!). Anyway, I'm sad to see it go; hopefully it is just on hiatus.